Télécharger Tina Turner - The Platinum Collection 2009
Tina Turner - The Platinum Collection 2009
Tina Turner - The Platinum Collection 2009
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Tina Turner's "The Platinum Collection" is a triple CD set that spans her entire career and showcases her remarkable talent. The first CD includes some of her biggest hits, such as "What's Love Got To Do With It," "Nutbush City Limits," and "The Acid Queen." Each track is a testament to Turner's powerful voice and signature style. On CD two, fans are treated to even more of Turner's hits, such as "The Best," "Typical Male," and "Steamy Windows." The live version of "Addicted to Love" is a standout, with Turner's dynamic vocals shining through. The 90's version of "Nutbush City Limits" is also a welcome addition, giving a fresh take on a classic track. The third CD includes some of Turner's more recent work, such as "I Don't Wanna Fight" and "When The Heartache Is Over," as well as collaborations with other artists like Rod Stewart on "It Takes Two" and Eros Ramazzotti on "Cose Della Vita." Turner's vocals are as strong as ever, proving that even after decades in the industry, she still has the ability to captivate her audience. As a critic, it's hard not to be in awe of Turner's career and the impact she has had on the music industry. Her unique voice and electrifying stage presence have made her a true icon, and "The Platinum Collection" is a testament to her incredible legacy. It's no wonder that she has been dubbed the "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll."


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